Meeting In UK Attempts To Make Dhadrian Wale Surrender Before Sarkaari Jathedars



A small group of approximately 25 individuals – many of which are well-known Badal/Dhumma sympathisers – claiming to falsely represent the UK Sangat (and a few Midlands committees) have held a closed-door meeting on Sunday 09/10/16 at Guru Har Rai Gurdwara, West Bromwich, UK. The meeting passed various self-endorsed “resolutions”. The group says it is writing a “complaint” to Sri Akal Takht Sahib, asking the Sarkaari Jathedar Gurbachan Singh to take so-called action against Baba Ranjit Singh Dhadrian Wale. Evidently the Parcharak has been dragged into a cunning conspiracy by raising a non-existent “issue” that was clearly never about Gurmat interpretation differences, but an opportunity for anti Panthic forces to interfere in the Gurmat Parchar movement through misleading propaganda.

Resolutions were read out by a high-ranking member of the International Panthic Dal (IPD), an organisation founded by Jasbir Rode and Harnam Dhumma, both of whom are in an open alliance with the Badal Government. Other IPD leaders were present, as were individuals who are known to keep in regular contact with both the Punjab Government and the rejected Sarkaari Jathedars. A large proportion of those there were also the same people present in a meeting earlier this year after the armed attack that killed Bhai Bhupinder Singh, in which actions of both Harnam Dhumma and of murderers were shamelessly defended. Violent threats of further “Chabeels” had also been made then. The same individuals in two recent videos released by the Jagowala Jatha, who are in-part involved in manufacturing this meeting, were also present. The Government, which is constantly under attack from Dhadrian Wale’s Parchar, has worked through the Dhumma Taksal and their UK agents to create an “issue” in an attempt to silence Dhadrian Wale and make him surrender before the rejected Sarkaari Jathedars.

Resolutions agreed between the small group are NOT acceptable to the UK-wide or worldwide Sikh community, neither has any respected PANTHIC Jathebandi took part within the Dhumma group meeting at West Bromwich. Some may have genuine differences of opinion with Dhadrian Wale, but even they will not allow malicious meddling by the Government or by individuals aligned to the Government. UK agents widely accepted of being used by anti Panthic forces have little or no support from the majority and are slowly being exposed within their own mischievous game. This is clearly a diversion to halt the Parchar that is not in line with Sakaari or anti Sikh agendas, as well as give authority and recognition to the rejected Sarkaari Jathedars. The cat is out of the bag as Badal/Dhumma supporters begin to surface and Sangat begins to connect the dots linking all who have been involved in the recent creation of a non-existent issue.


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