Justice for Manpreet Kanhaiya!(a twenty two year old first year student in a five year DMD programwas pronounced dead in Lodz, Poland.)

manpreetOn the night of September 30th, 2015, Manpreet Kanhaiya, a twenty two year old man was pronounced dead in Lodz, Poland. He was a first year student in a five year DMD program, at the Medical University of Lodz. His body was found outside a off campus building, and initially the property manager told his parents he had accidentally fallen out of his fourth floor window – however anyone that looked at a photograph of the window, or spoke to his parents, who had helped him move in, could attest to the fact that it would be near impossible to just fall out. Although his death was ultimately ruled a mystery, the Medical University of Lodz ruled it as a suicide – in attempts to keep it’s name clear. Both situations, which don’t add up to the evidence the family has gathered.

In the few days he attended at the University, something had happened that prompted him to text his brother names of three people – two male, one female, saying that if anything good or bad that happened to him, it would be at their hands.

The incident happened a few hours after his parents finished moving him in, and left for London. There were a series of text messages that were sent to his parents, just before he passed that night – none of which they had a chance to check, till it was too late. There were messages thanking his parents for helping him move into his new home, text messages that then took a dark turn. Stepping out for a walk, he was followed, and called “Osama”, among other racist insults.

He was in a coma, before he passed away, the University making no attempts to contact the parents of the deceased. The parents were only made aware, when they called inquiring, about why their son wasn’t answering their frantic phone calls.

Manpreet was friendly, humble, and full of life – always a smiling face. Gentle to the point, that even when teased, he would just smile and laugh it off. His death was a shocking blow to everyone that knew him, and although the Canadian Embassy is investigating, it’s impossible to just sit by. Unfortunately, Manpreet was not the first death of this kind, a few months before, another Sikh student was killed – but unfortunately there are next to no articles covering these hate crimes.

It would be much appreciated if everyone could spread the word, and raise awareness!

His family has started a Go Fund Me  https://www.gofundme.com/zh6rx9ap



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